who am i?

Hi everyone I am a 14 year old girl telling you about all of the experiences of Highschool. I will be blogging about those horrible teachers that give you homework until you’re drowning, the mean kids who just can’t get enough of your pissed-off ness, and of course those extremely hot boys who have you falling onto your bed at night dreaming.

who am i?

2 thoughts on “who am i?

  1. Hello misshilarious..i remember the days when the boy of my dreams was all encompassing, obsessional, and always a dream..was never the pretty girl, the confident girl or in any way special…thats what I believed. Am 45yrs old now and god I wish I had known just how special I was, quiet and respectful,humble kind, one of a kind.Never underestimate yourself, know that you have strength power and talent…believe in YOU! Don’t need anybody to validate you x keep a true sense of value and worth for yourself. Never take second best…aim for the stars xx


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