Am I an Embarrassment?

so today i completely failed my math class and I got none of the problems right. Everyone else seemed to be able to do it really easily and i just feel like I am worthless. My brother and sister are so good at everything they are in 3 honors courses and I am only in one and I am failing that course. I feel like I am an embarrassment to my family because they are all really smart. I really want to succeed in life. I want to be a lawyer or a psychiatrist because I want to help people and human interaction is a big passion of mine. Do you guys ever feel like you aren’t good enough for anyone? I always feel like that and it is a horrible feeling. I’m not even attractive enough to get a guy. And obviously that is not a measure and I shouldn’t care what guys think of me but I can’t help it. I care what they think of me. I don’t care what girls think about me. I just want to be that attractive, smart girl who everyone likes. If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it!

Am I an Embarrassment?

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