Its all hope…..and boys….and college worries

he is so perfect i cant even begin to explain it. he is smart and funny and an amazing rower. we both row and he goes to a different school but our schools our combined for rowing so i get to see him a little bit each day. i texted with him for two hours and i couldn’t stop smiling that whole entire time. he is just so amazingly perfect. i really hope that he will ask me out because i am head over heels for him. complete change of topic. i am doing really bad in honors math and i want to be a business women and i am so afraid that i wont go to a good college and that i will disappoint my family and friends. my siblings are taking three honors and i need a math tutor. and yes a lot of smart people have tutors but i just feel like since my brother and sister don’t i shouldn’t either. i did get a tutor and she is super nice and i hope i do well on my next math test so that i wont fail the course. if you guys have any suggestions for how to succeed in math, get better at it, and except myself for who i am please let me know in the comments down below.

Its all hope…..and boys….and college worries

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